The Junior Chamber of Advocates (JCA), is an organisation established under the auspices of the Chamber of Advocates.  It was officially launched on the 1stOctober 2013, publicly acknowledged by the President of the Chamber of Advocates, and endorsed by the Chief Justice on the inauguration of that Forensic year.  The JCA seeks to ‘bridge the gap’ between the academic development of law students and the practicality of the legal profession, thus creating a closer link between students and lawyers.

Although the Junior Chamber of Advocates is a separate entity from the University of Malta, a Memorandum of Understanding  was entered into in 2013 with the Faculty of Laws , University of Malta. This entails involvement and assistance on many current and significant matters, including the organisation of Moot Courts and client interviews, which are main components of the ‘Advocacy Skills’ examination of the new Masters in Advocacy course. Although separate from the University of Malta, the JCA still strives to represent the best interests of all law students, academically as well as professionally.

The Annual JCA Moot Court held at the Law Courts of Malta, and presided by Members of the Judiciary, provides the perfect set-up for law students to start practicing their Advocacy Skills in a realistic scenario. Participants are given the opportunity to prepare written submissions, examine and cross-examine witnesses and also make their oral submissions before the Court, which ultimately delivers its judgments. In 2017, the JCA organised a Moot Court on the basis of a Trial by Jury, for the very first time in Malta, in which students were also given the opportunity to act as jurors and deliver their judgments following deliberations between them.

Another project, which the JCA Executive Members take pride in, is the development of the ‘Prattika-Link’ which serves to facilitate the placement of students  to find the most suitable internship for their ‘prattika’ requirements; hopefully resulting in employment upon completion of the law course. The JCA is also at the forefront in representing students on current issues regarding changes in warrant related requirements, which shall be brought about through the enactment of the ‘Lawyers Act’. Ultimately, one of the JCA’s primary activity is that of organising seminars, chaired by different lawyers, treating various academic topics from a practical point of view.

In 2015 the JCA reached its first international milestone and established future collaboration with I Rappresentanti Delgli Studenti di Giurisprudenza-La Sapienza in Rome, which will enable JCA members to help in developing a Junior Bar association. In 2016 the JCA met up with the United Kingdom Law Students Association (UKLSA). JCA Executive members were invited to attend the UKLSA’s 5th Annual Equalities Conference, which promoted equal access to the legal profession and justice.

The JCA has also collaborated with the Malta Model United Nations Society (MMUN) in organising an annual international conference in which students may act as delegates in a simulation of various United Nations Committees. This gives students the perfect opportunity to step out of their comfort zone so as to improve their public speaking skills whilst debating current affairs – a necessary skill for all law students.

Junior Chamber of Advocates Committee 2017

Benefits of becoming a member of the Junior Chamber of Advocates:

  • Free registration for JCA seminars, held by legal practitioners
  • Free registration for the annual Moot Court, held at the Law Courts of Malta and presided by Honorary Judges
  • Enlistment for facilities offered by our Prattika-Link program
  • International Opportunities through La Sapienza and UKLSA
  • Invitation to our annual social and other collaborative events
  • Free participation to all JCA organised activities
  • Free subscription to the Chamber of Advocates publication – Law and Practice
  • Participation in seminars and workshops organised by the Chamber of Advocates
  • Eligibility to attend our AGM and vote in the election of the JCA Executive Committee

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Rebecca Mercieca
Rebecca Mercieca has been involved in the Junior Chamber of Advocates for three years now. Two years ago she was appointed as the LL.B Observer and she then contested the elections for the following terms. She has seen JCA develop and grow to a committee which now welcomes students from all the years of the Law course and works hard to make sure that JCA's mission statement is adhered to by ensuring that students can always turn to the student committee of the Chamber of Advocates with their queries. This will be Rebecca's last term with JCA as she is expected to finish the Master in Advocacy course next July, therefore she is determined more than ever to see JCA deliver the best to its members this year.
Gabriella Chircop
Gabriella Chircop is currently doing her Master in Advocacy having recently graduated with a Bachelors of Law (Honours). Throughout the past years as a university student she has been active in various student organisations which have presented new and intriguing experiences, as well as the opportunity to engage in a number of interesting projects. She hopes that through her role in JCA, she can continue to facilitate fellow students’ transition into the legal profession.
Matthew Micallef St John
Matt Micallef St.John compares his experience within JCA and the Law Course with a roller coaster- both full of ups and downs. Yet he always finds himself wanting to get back to work when he finds himself away from them. Law has become his life and he loves to learn all about it.
Nicole Fenech
Nicole Fenech is a 4th year law student. She believes that JCA has an amazing team this term with very hard working individuals with a vision. She is very organised and assertive and a firm believer in gender equality.
Christina Zammit
Cristina Zammit is a second year student who has always wanted to study law, it's constituents and how it developed throughout the years. Her other hobbies include gaming and foil engraving, two things which help her feel less stressed in times of pressure. Her motto is to always work hard for her goals and to never give up. It is truly this philosophy which encouraged her to become an active member of JCA.
Roberta Spiteri
Paula Briffa
Paula Briffa is a second year law student and the Academic Officer of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Although she's new to JCA, she is motivated to give her utmost contribution to make sure it will continue thriving. She believes that working alongside a team will be beneficial to guarantee that JCA is at the forefront to bridge the gap between the students and the law profession.
Joseph Camilleri
Joseph Camilleri is in his fourth year of studies. He always been interested in various current affairs mostly those related to his future profession. In addition to this, he is also keen on involving himself in organisations in order to work upon these interests and to apply them in practice for the benefit of all law students. He believes that his keenness and determination make him a good asset within this team. He possess a genuine desire to learn, achieve, excel and grow in the legal line of work. He is a hard-worker, as well as being a meticulous, organised perfectionist. Additionally, he is a goal-oriented and driven person, and always makes it a priority to master new knowledge.
Jacob Magri
Jacob Magri was co-opted as Student Outreach Coordinator this year. He is one of the youngest members, and has already proved to be a very hardworking member. Jacob promises to do his best to strengthen and enhance JCA's image whilst ensuring that its mission statement is actively communicated to all law students.
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